Sunday, March 27, 2011

Man, do I suck

My life has been insane for the last year. Nothing genuinely tragic (such as a death or serious medical emergency), but enormous amounts of stress and fucked-upedness. I'm fine and my family is fine but it's been a helluva ride. Obviously I've been absent from here for nearly a year. I still compose posts in my head on a daily basis but never get off my fat ass to write them. Bloglines essentially went down the tubes and took my list of blogs with it. So I haven't even been reading much. I feel like I got knocked over the head with a frying pan, then was put on a rowboat and set adrift in the Atlantic. I am so woefully out of touch with all of you that I'm not even sure where to start to catch up. And that sucks. However, if *thinking* about you all the time counts more than making the time to actually *contact* you over the last year or to read your blogs over the last 3 months, then I'm all stocked up. I've woefully and dreadfully neglected each and every one of my IF sisters (including TOOTPU and the Braces Bunch) to the point that asking for forgiveness is laughable. But I guess I am. And I'm wondering what's new with you all.