Wednesday, November 7, 2007

With a little help from our friends - Updated

In an effort to distract myself from my current hobbies -- puking, posting about puking, and trying to pretend like I'm not completely freaked out about the possibility of them finding no heartbeat at Monday's upcoming nuchal translucency scan -- I'm going to let you know what's going on with my buddies.

Below is a partial listing of my friends in the IF blogsphere. I just didn't have the physical or mental stamina to include EVERYONE that I read, so please please please don't feel slighted or the least bit unloved if I didn't include you here. These are just some of the ladies who have noteworthy things going on and I wanted to encourage you to go visit someone new to offer whatever type of support you're up for giving.

I'm sorry to lead off with something so sad, but it would be a crime to bury this in the middle of the big list. There is absolutely nothing that I can say about the tragedy being experienced by Ann right now. Please go leave her a hug, a warm thought, or a prayer.

When I originally began this never-ending post, there was still time left to vote for Mel. However, now that I've finally finished my post which might contain the most links of all time, the polls have closed. With over 20% of the vote, she came in 2nd. It would have been a HUGE score for the IF community if she had won, but hopefully at least a few more people are now a bit more educated about our world. Mel, you already know I think you are the cat's pajamas!

TeamWinks has some great looking follies so she will trigger tomorrow and have her IUI on Friday. Go wish her lots of luck!

Farah is enjoying a smooth beginning (minus a doofus receptionist at her new OB's office) to her BFP! If you haven't yet gone over to congratulate her, now's a good time.

Artblog is almost halfway through her pregnancy, and since I think she's one of the sweetest people on Earth, I can't say congratulations to her enough.

Kate, who is 23 weeks pregnant, is having a tough time dealing with some aspects of her Mom's (and Dad's) behavior and could use a little support.

Lara is gearing up for another DE FET. Transfer should be in less than a week (if her lining cooperates) so go cheer her on!

LJ is still having some rough times (but some good ones too) after her recent IVF. I have had the distinct pleasure of getting to know her in real life and I think she's one of the most wonderful people I know, so please go give her a virtual hug.

Becks is on her way with IVF attempt #3. Go leave her some third-time's-the-charm vibes.

Tam recently learned the results of her FET but -- to drive us all completely insane -- she didn't post them before she went on vacation!!! Feel free to go over there (assuming you have the password) and stalk her like I do every day, looking for an update. Update: Unfortunately, it wasn't good news for Tam and Frank this time. This is just heartbreaking, so please go offer some support.

JJ is enduring a particularly painful AF right now could use a little sunshine. I just love her so please head over and say something nice.

Delenn is struggling with weight gain. At 15 weeks along, I don't think it's that bad but apparently her OB feels otherwise. Go tell her that she looks mah-velous.

Cibele just posted a cute little baby bump belly shot, so good ooh and aah over it.

Mands is going through a rough time right now, with dropping betas. Please go show her some love.

Erin, my true cyclesista, is shopping for a new home to raise the Wonder Twins when they arrive next year. They didn't get the house they were recently interested in, but will continue looking.

Gabby had a great 8.5 week ultrasound on Friday. Go look at the nifty sonogram pictures of her little gummy bear.

Kami is currently 9 weeks along after a DE cycle. She's another one of my favorite people in the whole blogsphere, so go over and say Hi.

Baby Step is in the middle of an IVF cycle and just had a bomb dropped on her by her husband. (He's not leaving her or anything, it's just that he's not all that supportive because he believes she brought all the IVF-cycle-nastiness on herself since -- unbeknownst to her -- he never wanted to do it anyway.) WTF? Go give her some support, please. Make sure she knows that she is NOT alone.

Imogen is in the 2WW following FET #3. Go wish her luck!

DMarie has started the 30 Day Get Healthy Challenge. Go cheer her on!! And while you are there, get your pomegranate thread Infertility Awareness bracelet while you are at it. Unfortunately the first 100 free ones are all gone, but you can still get one with a modest donation to a great cause.

Portia, my partner in the over-the-hill-ovary club, is gearing up for IVF/ICSI #4. Go send her lots of good vibes.

Changing Expectations is almost halfway through her pregnancy (17 weeks!) following a DE cycle. She's struggling with the reality of telling family and friends the news, so please go give my buddy some support.

Buggsmommy had her baby girl 2 months ago. Head over to check out some adorable Halloween pictures of Maggie and her brother Bugg.

Alexa, currently 12.5 weeks pregnant with twins after IVF, is experiencing horrible migraines. It's a damn shame, not only because it sucks so much for her, but because it's causing her always-outrageously-hilarious posts to be shorter than normal. Seriously, if you've never read her blog, go read as many entries as you possibly can right now. I guarantee you will laugh out loud.

Rachel is 6 days past dIUI #4. Go tell her jokes and anything else you can think of to distract her while she suffers through the hell of the 2ww. And, for the love of Pete, please PRAY that it has worked this time!

In and Out of Luck is almost 8 weeks pregnant following an IUI. Go celebrate with her!

Chris is trying to figure out what to do next following an unsuccessful IVF. Please go lend some support.

Grad3 is amazing. After 5 heartbreaking miscarriages, she is 14 weeks pregnant. Go be encouraged by her resilience.

Karen is doing a kick-ass job with her triplets now that they are home -- including breastfeeding! Go over and be impressed that she still actually finds the time to blog.

Sunny is planning another IUI in December. Go give her your own version of a pep rally. I have met her in real life and lemme tell you that I am crazy about her.

Rho, my IRL friend of many years, just learned that they will have IVF coverage in December. Wahoo! Go over and wish her luck on IVF #2 (or #3 if you count the frustrating cancelled one last year).

Lea Bee is in the 2ww following her 4th IUI. Go drop off some good luck to her.

Mary Ellen is 7 weeks pregnant with triplets!! following IVF #5. They have been through the ringer (including 3 dIUIs), so this is amazing, fantastical news that you can go share in.

Serenity is 18 weeks pregnant. After 2 IVFs and 3 FETs, it's thrilling that IVF #3 was the charm. Go check out her cute belly pic.

Samantha could use a hug. After 3 IVFs and 4 FETs, they are done with ART. While they struggle trying to determine what to do next, please go show her some love.

Kristen is finishing up another round of Clomid in preparation for her trigger shot. Go wish her luck!

Sticky Bun is 19 weeks pregnant with twins after IVF. Go celebrate!

Carlynn is 16 weeks pregnant after 6 IUIs, an IVF and 3 FETs. Passing the 19 week mark is important for her (based on prior circumstances), so go lend some support to carry her through.

Christina has been mulling over nearly every imaginable avenue for building her family (IVF, adoption, DE IVF). Go help her sort through the choices and emotions.

Amy is starting her Last Amy Egg Cycle. After 10 (is that the right number?) IUIs and an IVF, they are embarking on their final attempt IVF. Please go sprinkle babydust, leave flower petals, do a chicken dance, whatever you can think of in the hopes of helping this cycle work.

Bean could use some support. After 4 IVFs, she was surprised with a natural conception. At the moment, though, her betas aren't rising as they would like and she's feeling uncertain. Her first ultrasound is tomorrow. Please go give her a nice, warm hug.

I hope you find some time to visit at least a few of my friends above and lend your moral support. I pray for each and every one of you daily, I only hope you know how much you are cared for.


TeamWinks said...

That was wonderful! Thanks for the support and for catching me up!

Fertilize Me said...

WHOA, I'm out of breath ... thanks for the round-up.

Waiting Amy said...

Thanks for the updates! I will definitely pop in on as many as I can!

BTW, sadly Tam's FET was not successful. She had Bumble leave an update in the last comments. So she will definitely need lots of love.

Anonymous said...

before I say anything else, what was that about no heartbeat at the scan??? Is everything ok?

Shelby said...

I was wondering the same thing as artblog. What's going on??

And thanks for the links- I'll check them out.

Delenn said...

Thanks for the mention! I love reading your blog, and its nice to be a part of such a community of people!

I wish everyone good luck!

Kristen said...

Thank you so much for the shout-out! You are a doll. XOXO

Wishing you lots of luck with the upcoming scan. I have a faith that everything is going to be alright this time.

Artblog said...

Well in that case, thank you a million times for the lovely sentiments you wrote about me, KISS, KISS, KISS :)

I'm the same nutjob before each scan too, in fact I always start off by asking the Dr to tell me straight away what's wrong, no pussy footing around. He always looks at me like I'm mad and says "how do you anythings wrong?"! You're supposed to enjoy scans, I no longer do :(

I'll be thinking of you Monday. Have a great weekend!


Shelby said...

Oh, now I get it! Good luck on monday, I hope that it goes perfectly well!

dmarie said...

Will be thinking of you on Monday.

Thanks for all the lovely links and support :)

Baby Deux? said...

OK, I have been worried all day but now I get it, the scan is on MONDAY! I am in a Clomid fog still. :o(

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Mands said...

This is a wonderfully caring post. Thank you so much for the mention. As you know, the betas are well and truly over and I am just trying to come to terms with it. I am hoping that you see that heartbeat soon, and that your baby is strong and healthy.
Mands xx

Sunny said...

Smooches to you! Thanks for your amazing encouragement.

Lea Bee said...

WOW! that's a mouthful, so to speak!

Baby Step said...

Thanks for thinking of me! I hope you are well too, and I will be thinking of you on Monday. :-)

Kim said...

Phew, some good reading for me this weekend!!

Mands said...

Leah I just wanted to come and thank you so much for the comment you left at my blog.
It is so amazing that people I have never laid eyes on could be so caring and kind. And it is also so comforting to have people who understand what I am going through. This is only my first IVF, but never did I imagine that I would graduate from childless straight to miscarriage.
Luckily there are all my blogging friends to support me (and each other) and give me hope for the future. Thank you so much.
Mands xx

Cibele said...

wow, that is so sweet of you to have this list with an uptade on almost everybody in blogland ...Thanks for including me!! I have my fingers crossed for you!!! Cant wait to hear about your scan...

In and Out of Luck said...

Wow, Thank you so, so much for listing these, and for mentioning me, it means a lot. We missed you yesterday!

LJ said...

You are too wonderful. Thanks for the hug, it means the world to me. Coming out of my funk, and finally catching up on everyone's blogs.

I miss you, girl!

JJ said...

Thanks for the lovely list--great to get a run down of those I hadnt read before-thanks for the support, Leah!

Imogen and David said...

Thanks for the round up :D You are such an asset to IF Blogland xo