Thursday, August 28, 2008

I love you more than old pee

I swore I wasn't going to plaster pictures of my children all over a blog that is supposed to be about IF. But I'm weak. I can't resist. Hell, I'm so deranged that I'm planning to post a video I took of Liam, that's how bad I am now.

I genuinely enjoy looking at other bloggers' kid pictures, even did while still trying to TTC. Plus, I have about a dozen pictures of pee sticks in various posts, so how can I not at least have equal amounts of my kids without sending the message that they are less important than dried urine?

If you don't want to see them, I understand. Otherwise, scroll down...
Here is one of the little dude smiling away

Here Kevin was reading them a book

Pay no attention to the drool on his shirt


LJ said...


Cutie patootie kids, btw.

Kate said...

Soooooo cute!!!

Meghan said...

Great pics! They're both adorable!!

Fertilized said...

I am so glad for you posting pictures. I am at fault for posting pictures but .. well I do not have a great reason other than When I post pictures, I feel like my child is also *your child because You/whomever help support me to get that child and I want to share with them what htey helped me get.

Anonymous said...

They are both adorable!

deanna said...

I'm so glad you posted pics!!! He is ADORABLE! And, the two of them together is sheer cuteness overload (but, in a good hot fudge overload....)

Samantha said...

They are cute! Thanks for sharing!

Artblog said...

The last one is spectacular, how gorgeous do they look together :)


Somewhat Ordinary said...

Drool and spit up is the story of our life over here! I don't think I have a single picture without it!