Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hormonal much?

I tried to sit down and write a coherent, witty, entertaining post. All I managed to come up with were a bunch of random bullets. However, there was a clear theme -- my thoughts were either wildly HAPPY or horribly bitchy. In a fit of TMI, I will admit that I'm enduring a nasty visit from AF, so I'll assume that she's the whore to blame.

On to the good stuff:
  • My birthday rocked. I thought turning 40 would be a lot more painful, but it wasn't. ETA: Damn, I need to update my profile now. Ugh.

  • The amazing, smart, witty, talented and wonderful Jendeis sent me these flowers for my birthday. She is one helluva woman, they really made my day.

  • My dad flew in from Florida to surprise me for my birthday. Yay!!

  • Approximately 14 gazillion people wished me happy birthday over Facebook. I heart you Facebook. (Nevermind where I tell you to suck it later in this post. Hey, I already admitted I was not rational right now.)

  • Megan has had off school for umpteen days in a row (parent teacher conferences, snow days, water main breaks). We've had lots of fun days at home -- making cookies, doing crafts, playing Barbies.

  • Liam and I are FINALLY over the wretched colds we had for more than 2 weeks.

  • Lots of wonderful people have contributed to JJ's group gift. I get to go BRU on Friday and buy up some baby gear. Yippee!

  • I think that her belly is about the cutest thing ever.

  • I can't wait to see her belly in person -- it makes me want to cry because I'm so freakin' happy for her.

  • I can't wait to see her belly again too!!

  • I am so out-of-my-mind excited for her baby to be born that I am having a hard time sleeping. Of course the birthmom is probably sleeping worse than me (as well as LJ, dontchathink?) seeing as how she's been in labor for what feels like a month now.

  • My sister signed us up to take a cooking class together. This was probably the best birthday present I got!

  • She is starting stims soon. This is the cycle, I just know it!! It's GOT to be.
Now for the bad stuff:
  • Bloglines can suck it. I'm sick of seeing that I've got hundreds and hundreds of unread posts when there are really only 4. Piece of shit software.

  • Facebook can suck it too. It bitched me out for sending the message about JJ's gift to too many people. Um, HELLO? I was trying to CONNECT with people. Isn't that the point? Assholes.

  • Our nanny sucks. I've been interviewing people for the past couple of weeks with plans to replace her soon anyway but she's sucking more every day (and she doesn't even know she's getting replaced). I'm tired of her attitude, her passive agressive bullshit, her incessant family drama, and her refusal to perform basic tasks.

  • Nintendo can eat shit and die. I hate it that my Mii is such a fat tub-o-lard on Wii Fit. Damn, people, I already KNOW that I'm fat. That's why I bought Wii Fit. At least that cute litty smartypants animated Wii Fit board went out of his way to wish me a happy birthday.

  • Liam was healthy for a whopping 2 days before he got a fever this afternoon. Are you SERIOUS?

  • Why in the holy hell does life need to continue to deal her and her so much dung? ENOUGH ALREADY!

I think that's enough for now. Thanks for listening. :-)


Bean said...

Always happy to listen to you! Glad to hear that you had such a great birthday--I can only hope that my 40th later this year will be as good! Sorry the baby is sick again, but glad you've been having fun with Megan. And I SWEAR I'll email soon so we can get together with the kids.

Christy said...

Happy belated birthday and welcome to the 40's! And by the way, you did actually write a pretty witty post .. . you always do! I'm glad you and the baby are feeling better too. We've just gotten over the sickness here too . . .

Mrs M@sk said...

Awww thanks! Happy belated birthday xoxo

Fertilized said...

Happy Birthday to you. I love these posts you do!

LJ said...

I'm glad your birthday rocked, because you kick all sorts of ass!

Grad3 said...

I am so glad to hear that you had a fabulous birthday and you Liam are feeling better!

I've tried throwing the dung back but it doesn't seem to be working... :) Thanks for your support. ~Hugs sista~

Sunny said...

I <3 YOU! I hope that counts for something. :)

astral said...

Your birthday sounded awesome!! I love tulips--they are my favorite spring flowers. I look forward to hearing about seeing JJ and your cooking lesson. I'll keep your sister in my prayers.

Waiting Amy said...

HAPPY belated Birthday!

Hope everyone stays healthy through till spring!

Karen said...

Seriously woman, you need to update!