Thursday, July 2, 2009

E's Interview Questions - Part 1

About 638 years aso, E was interviewed. Then she asked if anyone wanted to be interviewed, and I said, "Yes! I do!" Apparently what I really meant was, "Yes, please take the time to think up interview questions, then send them to me so that I can rudely ignore them for many months! Whee!!" I am an ass. But that's for a different post.

Anyway, the interview had 6 questions and since I'm subjecting you all to my daily posting madness, I've decided to stretch the answers out over multiple posts. So, without further adeu, here is question #1:

1) If you could live anywhere in the world besides where you live now, where would it be and why? What would your house be like there?

Assuming that the economy and cost of living weren't a factor, I would live on Kauai in Hawaii. It is one of the most beautiful places I've ever been. Our house would be medium-sized and would sit on a hill with a gorgeous view. There would be a nice, big yard carved out for the kids to play in. We'd have a pool with a waterfall. The entire back of the house (that faced the gorgeous view) would be made entirely of sliding glass panels. That way we could open them up (by sliding them into pockets in the wall) and enjoy the fresh Hawaiian breeze whenever we wanted. We'd have an outside shower, an outside family room, and a mack-daddy outdoor kitchen on our mack-daddy patio.

If not Kauai, I'd also settle for St. John, USVI. All the same house desires apply.

If not Hawaii or the Virgin Islands, then I'd pick San Francisco. I had a magical trip there years ago that could never be replicated, but I could come damn close if I moved there. Unfortunately, I have an irrational fear that all of California is going to crack off into the ocean and sink so I can't live there. No disrespect to my lovely friends who live in CA, and trust me that I completely understand why someone would run screaming from the Northeast corner of the US as well. :-)

If reality needs to be considered, then the answer is probably Cary, NC. Neither Kevin nor I have ever lived there, but we both really want to. If the housing market will ever pick back up, we'd consider the move. But how could I leave my TOOTPU ladies? (The only acceptable solution will be if I move close to JJ, that would help the ensuing depression.)

How about you? Where would you live and why?

P.S. - For anyone as anal as me, you might notice that today's post was supposed to be a book review. But the project that Megan and I tried to accomplish from the book was thwarted by a very short, drooling, snot fountain who trashed everything that he could get his hands on today. So we had to abandon the project until tomorrow when Kevin can entertain said destructo-boy while Megan and I undertake the project again.


Grad3 said...

I would want to live in the US but somewhere that looked just like Banff, Canada. The place is gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous...

I would be happy somewhere in NC as well. My house would medium-esk size, on a lake but also a yard so our kids could play. AND there would be a huge porch/ patio with an outside fireplace and dinning area all screened in with roof. It would perfect in all season.

I wish I was there now...

E said...

I like all your house requirements. I would totally come visit you. We're not going to fall off, though! Come to SF again. It's so fun here!

I love that you kept those questions. And you're smart to stretch it out! Sorry about the snot monster, though. ugh.

Lollipop Goldstein said...

Don't you think we'd all come and visit you if you were living somewhere kickass near a beach?