Monday, March 8, 2010

Things That I Know

A random assortment of things that I know to be true:

I know that you need more sleep when you do stupid shit like try to print off a coupon for Office Depot. For ink cartridges. For the printer that won't print anymore because it has no ink. ON the printer that won't print anymore. Not smart.

I know EXACTLY how this person feels in this post. EXACTLY. This post is so dead on regarding how I feel it actually spooks me a little. Except that her son sleeps through the night. And my almost 2 year old doesn't. If she would just move closer to me, we would be such BFFs that we would probably annoy people.

I know that I am shocked that it has been almost 6 months since I posted. I've composed dozens and dozens of posts in my head and it's weird to think that none of them have made it to my blog.

I know that just because you totally kick ass at Wii bowling doesn't mean you have any skillz at all at *real* bowling. Believe me.

I know that my husband is one of the greatest husbands in the world. He cleans, he does all the laundry, he can take care of all aspects of our children with little to no guidance at all, and he would never cheat on me. He is also one of the biggest assholes I've ever met. Go figure.

I know that I am so excited that these babies were born that I can't stand it. I don't even think this chick knows I exist but I have followed her story forever and am honestly moved to tears with happiness that her boys are home safely.

I know that I miss my TOOTPU friends. I don't get to enough gatherings and I don't keep in touch as I would like to. I especially want to get together with fabulous Mel and let our nearly-identically-aged children play together at the play date we've been trying to organize for months and months, but I'm too busy and somehow simultaneously too f'ing lazy to make it happen.

I know that I can't remember the address for Sunny's blog. I was too lazy to add it to my reader and now it's gone from my address bar history, so I haven't read it in at least a month. Help!

I know that it's coming up on the 2nd anniversary of when my ex-fiance killed his parents. I stopped by his Uncle's house (also my sister's neighbor, that's how we met) to let him know I was thinking about their family. We hugged and cried. That sort of stuff happens to other people, people on TV. I'm just thankful that I will NEVER EVER have to worry about bumping into him on the street. (What with the consecutive life sentences and all.)

I know that beef stew is magical. I could eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I think I've made it once a week for months now. But I can't take it to work for lunch. Because I always eat it ALL by 10am. It calls to me... "Leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeat me!"

I know that I love my sister with every fiber of my being. Her daughters have turned into evil teenagers and they break her heart on a regular basis. It makes me want to kick their asses into next week, then hug my sister until she begs me to stop.

I know that work is killing me. Seriously. k.i.l.l.i.n.g. me. I love my job, I love all the insane amounts of responsibility I have, and I love to work hard but it's sorta out of control right now. Know when it will get better? February 2011. Aaaaaaaaack.

I know that for the past month, my typical night's sleep is from 2am - 5:30am. This is not working for me, I am falling asleep at traffic lights. Not cool at all.

I know that I miss my car. A very nice, albiet super old (87 yo) lady ran a red light in the middle of downtown Baltimore and crashed into my car. Deployed the side curtain airbags and everything. I'm fine, but my car has been in the shop for weeks and I miss it. To give you an idea of how crazed work is right now, after the accident when I finished dealing with the cops, I shoved the airbag back up into the ceiling and drove to work. I popped about half a dozen Aleve, and then, 9 hours later after I finished working, drove straight to the body shop to drop my smashed up car off.

I know that my kids are finally old enough to actually play together. Aside from the sound of a dispensing slot machine in Vegas (chingchingchingchingchingching), there is no sound that makes me happier than to hear the sweet giggling of my kids as they conspire and goof off together. Okay, I actually enjoy my kids' laughter more than slot machine noises but it's awfully close...

I know that I am so damned excited that this person is pregnant that I can't even stand myself. I actually catch myself randomly smiling during the day at the thought of it. :-)

I know that I still read blogs every single day. I suck about commenting enough, but I really do still read blogs each day and keep up with my peeps.

I know that Liam is insane. Seriously, I think he's got a screw loose. Good thing he's so freaking cute and funny that his personality will probably carry him through.

I know that I miss posting. I fully intend to post more often. Even if I have nothing useful to say. I just miss organizing my thoughts and getting them down in print (and thus out of my head).

I know that I'm crazy, demented, over-the-top excited to buy this book. She is one of my favorite bloggers and to think that I'm going to get to read an entire book full of her writing makes me giddy and a little bit dizzy with excitement!

Lastly, I know that it will be a miracle if anyone even reads this. I assume most people have removed me from their readers and/or don't bother checking anymore.


Meghan said...

Hey there stranger!!!! So good to hear from you. I am with you on so many of those things...most especially needing more TOOTPU in my life. Who says cookie exchanges are just for the holidays????

Stacie said...

Boy, you are one smart cookie to know all of that! :-)

I know I am glad to see a post from you. Even more glad that you are okay from the accident and everything seems good at your end!

Life in Eden said...

Hi girlie! Your first thing cracked me up. Especially since our printer is currently out of ink and I only remember that I need to get more when I try to print something. tee hee.

Great to hear you are okay and happy!

Anonymous said...

Still here! Good to hear from you.

Erin said...

OK - first of all, I'd never remove you from my reader!! 2nd - more proof that we're total cyclesistas is that we posted that our same aged kids are insane on the very same day after a long hiatus of no posting. I used the term batshit crazy, but the intent was the same. Miss you lady! Post more. I will if you will!

Anonymous said...

You are alive! Yay! Glad to get an update. :-)

Sue said...

Still reading - you should post more often!

Amy said...

Still here! Good to hear from you!

JJ said...

Love you, Leah :)

Grad3 said...

Was just glad to read a post from you... completely get the whole printer thing. It's days like that when I wonder how I made it this far in my life.

Please be care at those stop lights! ;)

Bean said...

Ok, I've been trying to figure out all day if I should respond here first or on email. I've also worried that I have too much to say and I would just never stop typing. But then I realized that I better just respond! First of all, I've always known we were soul sisters and now I know it better. Damn the miles between us! I agree on Tootpu, it's time for another get together. I think we may be married to the same person --that mix of wonderful and asshole is so familiar!

We have to get together because while I hardly ever join in the Wii fun in this house, I kick everybody's ass at bowling! ;)

I want some beef stew! Love it, but I hardly ever make it. Darn SouthBeachDiet - I just started so it won't be on my menu anytime soon b/c what's beef stew without the potatoes and some great bread for dipping.

I'm sorry about your car (blah!) and about your work (double blah!).

I'm also sorry that you do relate to how I've been feeling because it ain't no fun! I wish misery didn't love company b/c I hate for you to feel how I do, but I confess it is kinda nice to not feel alone. Will email soon!

Kami said...

I read it! I loved the paragraph about your husband.

I am still surprised that just one kid can put more strain on our marriage that infertility and loss did. Things are going well now and I hope we can keep it up with kid #2.

Thanks for all the updates. Sorry about work and the car. The lack of sleep too - that is a killer

作弊 said...


LJ said...

I know that you rock the house and give the best support and advice :)

Somewhat Ordinary said...

Yay, glad you aren't a total stranger! Thanks for your recent comments on my blog, too. Hope to hear all the things you know more often!

kimbosue said...

YAY! Glad you're back.

Photogrl said...

I like seeing what you know!

Delenn said...

Nice to see you again!

I have same type of husband...

And I agree with many of those things.

I know that your post made me smile!

Anonymous said...

Nope not me, still reading, just like you haven't the time or energy to comment much, exception in this case obviously. Lovely post :)

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