Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Ramble, Ramble, Ramble


Our Insurance Coordinator from the RE's office called today. Apparently she was kind enough to, all on her own, submit a request to our insurance company for a 3rd IVF. I didn't even know she was doing it. When she called today and explained the reason for her call, my heart leapt! Could it be? Could they, for some totally unknown reason, decide to cover a 3rd IVF? Um, nope. As expected, she said, "I just received a denial, they say that you've exhausted your infertility coverage." Yeah, no kidding. Exhausted is an excellent way to put how I feel about so, so much of this whole stupid situation.

Cycle Update

There's no real update. Since I never know *exactly* when I ovulate after receiving a + OPK, I assume it was last Wednesday. I used to feel more confident about the timing, but once I got accustomed to the certainty of ovulation following trigger shots, I don't know anymore. I guess that would technically make this CD 29, but since I didn't O until CD 23, it's all a little goofy. That means AF should arrive on 7/25 (CD 37 -- WTF?).

Kevin is pretending like I could possibly get pregnant this month which makes me alternately sad, then mad. During my post-O high, I was visited by our old friend/nemesis Hope for a couple of days. But she packed up her bags, and took the early train out of town last week. I think she laughed at me on her way out the door, snickering bitch.

I must have a healthy, relaxed attitude (at this moment, subject to change at any time) about this upcoming cycle because I don't even know what my dates would be. Usually I'd have everything worked out and noted on a calendar -- start BCPs, eval sonogram, start injections, trigger, ER, ET, beta, due date. Oh yeah, I said due date. I'm a psycho. Anyway, I haven't figured out any of it. Mostly it's because we don't have any major summer plans that would typically jack up cycle scheduling.


Despite what I just said about not having summer plans, we do have a few. Next week, Wednesday - Sunday, we'll be in Nags.Head, NC. A good friend of mine is down there with her hubby and 2 year old son, staying at her parents' beach house for 2 weeks. So we are going to crash their relaxing vacation for 5 days. Wahoo! Aside from gasoline and some food, it's essentially free which is nice since we are about to piss away $15K on another IVF cycle. (Minus the $700 worth of free meds that Jill sent me!)

Also, we're going to Syra.cuse for a weekend in August because my MIL (who I love, love, love) wants to have a birthday party for Megan up there. We haven't been back to NY since December (when I dissolved due to Kelly's pregnancy announcement), and usually we go every 4 months or so. I guess we are in withdrawal.

Baby is a'comin!

Speaking of Kelly, her baby is due 3 weeks from tomorrow. To say that she is unprepared (logistically AND intellectually) is a gross understatement. I'm still not entirely clear why God saw fit to knock her up before me, but oh well. I can bitch and moan about it, or I can move on and accept it. Hmmm, I guess I'm choosing to bitch and moan about it, huh?


Wow, this is an incredibly boring post, I'm sorry.

BFPs, Prayers and 2WWs

I'm really testing my ability to insert links with the next 3 lists...

Something crazy and magical has been going on in the IF blogsphere lately, as it feels like dozens and dozens of lucky ladies are the proud owners of BFPs. I'll attempt to list some of them here, the ones I can think of off the top of my head. Please go wish all of these ladies lots of luck, trouble-free pregnancies and beautiful babies:

Somewhat Ordinary

Please continue to send your love and prayers to:

Bumble - in a scare waiting for a follow up to her recent scan
Karen - on bedrest, trying to will her cervix to spontaneously lengthen
Thalia - dealing with swollen feet and difficulty "slowing down"
Larisa - dealing with the angst of chronic spotting

And a huge GOOD LUCK to those of you in the 2WW:

In and Out of Luck
Sticky Bun

DC Metro Get Together

Lastly, if you live anywhere near the DC Metro area, please join us! See LJs blog for more info. Here's a picture of us all last time we got together:

Whew, now I'm tired. Enough rambling.


Kate said...

Thanks so much for your prayers! I really hope you have a wonderful and relaxing vacation. :)

Waiting Amy said...

My husband thinks we might be PG every month. As if the last 2.5 yrs of barreness didn't exist! Sometimes I think its admirable, the rest of the time it makes me crazy.

Have a great trip to NC! I'm sure you will have a great time.

And I love the flowers. Part of the reason there isn't much in my tour is because I take lots more flower pics than anything notable. In fact, I was going to post some too, but ran out of time.

Oh, and thanks for the condolences. Hopefully if I need an egg donor she will be a rock star!

grad3 said...

Funny, You mentioned how hope can be friend or foe... I just wrote post about how hope is a catch-22 :)

Have a great vacation! And I liked the pics!

Lea Bee said...

on the 'why her and not me' thing...i'm spending my summer around pregnant 14yo's. it's truly surreal. actually, i'm going to write about it on my blog...see you next weekend :)

Sticky Bun said...

My hubby is ever the optimist, too! They're funny, aren't they? (And I so hear you about thinking it's alternately cute and maddening...)

Thanks for the good wishes, too! I sincerely appreciate the support. :-)

Have fun in NC!

Inconceivable said...

thank you for the well wishes and continued support! You ROCK !! Aren't husband's insanely shocking at the most random times. Have a great trip to NC ...gawd i love that state.

Changing Expectations said...

Hi Leah,

Thanks for checking in with me.

Sorry about the insurance call, that just sucks.

Glad to hear about the upcoming vacation. You deserve some fun time.

Can't wait to see you on Sunday!

The Town Criers said...

There should be stopping points for comments along a long post because now I have forgotten everything I wanted to say :-)

The insurance thing SUCKS. Today we were trying to figure out if there was a way to go a different insurance route that would get me coverage and alas, because we have already done fertility treatments to conceive the first kids, they are considering infertility a "pre-existing condition" and won't cover it. As if I would need insurance if I didn't have a pre-existing condition. The fact that I need to use insurance means I cannot get insurance.


But that was really nice of your coordinator to call it in.

Your upcoming vacations sound great.