Monday, July 30, 2007

10 Things

Waiting Amy tagged me to do the Polarity Meme. It's way easier than the 100 Things About Me Meme and all those others that were going around for a while. So I figured I'd give it a shot...

10 things I hate:

1. Butters

The jackasses who jump/butt in line in front of you. I want to go Ninja on them and claw their eyes out.

2. Skinny people who say, "I'm so fat!"

I really hate them. They probably get pregnant on the first try too. Bitches.

3. Infertility, and every shitty thing that goes with it

Definitely no need to explain this one to you guys. This item alone could spawn dozens of specific examples.

4. Throwing up

Really, do I need to elaborate?

5. Being hot

I sweat like a hog when I'm anywhere that doesn't have air conditioning. Then I start to feel like fly paper and that's just icky.

6. Being mocked

Maybe it's a product of being the baby of 4 kids, I don't know. I get irrationally pissed when someone mocks me, I've actually pinched my husband so hard that I've left a bruise when he's been stupid enough to do it.

7. Snakes!

I really, really freak about them. The only thing worse than a snake is a water snake. I think I might have peed myself a little just typing that.

8. The fact that I am completely bereft of any artistic talent at all

I can't sing or paint or draw or play a musical instrument. I'm sorta funny, so I pretend like that makes up for it.

9. Bees

Really anything that stings. I'm pretty allergic so everywhere within a 1 foot radius of the sting gets insanely swollen and red and hot and itchy and painful and whatnot. Nothing about that is good.

10. Lazy salespeople

You know the ones, all chocked full of attitude? The ones that make you feel like you are seriously inconveniencing them by requesting that they DO THEIR DAMN JOB. Instead of talking on the phone, or chatting with their co-worker, or working hard to emit a constant vibe of general discontent. Just knock it off, seriously. If you don't want to be here, go home. Stop taking your employer's money just to be a bitch to me.

10 things I love:

1. My daughter

I already went on and on too much in a previous post about her, so no need to rehash it all here.

2. My husband

He drives me completely insane sometimes and is impossible to live with, but he knows it. And
he truly loves me.

3. Rice pudding

Particularly Kozy Shack. Mmmmmm.

4. Cured meat products

Bacon, jerky, ham etc. Yeah man.

5. Wildflowers

I've been known to stop on the side of the road and pick them. Usually we then end up with bugs in our house from them, but I don't care.

6. Taking a shower

My internal thermostat has been hopelessly broken for years, so I'm blazing hot all the time. Taking a nice, cool shower always refreshes me and wipes the sweaty slime away. (Boy, that sure painted a pretty picture, eh?)

7. Chenille

Blankets, sweaters, socks, whatever. It is just the softest stuff in the world and so damn cozy.

8. Cooking

I'm a decent cook, and really enjoy doing it. I make an huge holy mess in the process, but the food always turns out decent enough that Kevin only grumbles a little.

9. Krispy Kreme donuts

If you know them, I don't need to say any more. If you don't, there aren't any words that can articulate their magic.

10. Water

I already mentioned how much I love taking a shower, but this time I'm talking about bodies of water. Oceans, beaches, lakes, ponds, streams, brooks, waterfalls, all of it. I'm enormously soothed by any kind of water, which probably explains why my best vacations were in kick ass water places (Hawaii and St. John, USVI).

Gee, do you think the fact that 4 of the 10 things I love are related to food means anything? Could it possibly have some connection to the extra 20+ pounds I'm carrying around right now? Nah.

Okay, I'm sure most of my regular blogging buddies have already done this. So I'll tag some relatively new people:

Get to it, ladies!


Grad3 said...

Funny... I think that cooking is an artistic talent ;) Seriously, not everyone can do it!

Thanks for chiming in on my blog, I don't know if any secondary IF'ers read it but I would really like their perspective (if any posters here would like to leave comments).

Sticky Bun said...

I SO hear you on the lazy salespeople! I'm way to Type A for that. It drives me insane!!

thanks for sharing. :-)

Grad3 said...

This morning, under the 10 things I hate, I would add that Nicole Richie is pregnant. Is it wrong that this infuriates me to no end?

Inconceivable said...

I relate to #8 so much

Bean said...

OMG! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Kozy Shack Rice Pudding. In preparation for recovery from my lap and my first retrieval I stocked up on the stuff! On and the shower thing -- I could stay in all day. Only difference is my thermostats broken so that I'm cold all the time, my showers are HOT. And I couldn't agree more about lazy salespeople, I particularly love the really snotty ones who act as though you're not good enough for their help and they're doing you a huge favor. :)

Gabby said...

Thanks for the tag! I will get right on it! ;]

Gabby said...

Oh yea, to Grad3's comment, I agree! Maybe we should all go smoke some pot and take some vidacin! Isn't it crazy she admitted to all of that?!?! And here she gets to be the one pregnant...

Rho said...

I am glad you shower too! Makes being your SG wife a lot less stinky.

buggsmommy said...

Your list makes me laugh. I agree (except for the rice's a texture thing for me!)

Lara said...

Girl the comments you leave on my blog are freaking hysterical!!!
And can I say OMGOD are you right about krispy kreme???? NOTHING BETTER! We had 2 in town and they closed them. Actually they closed all of them in Arizona! Something about expanding too fast. BASTARDS.

Kami said...

So you like to cook . . . and I bet you don't just follow recipes . . .so you are an artist and your medium is food.

I love bodies of water too. Sitting by the ocean, swimming in a lake, soaking in a hot spring . . .Just love 'em

Changing Expectations said...

Lazy salespeople are one of my top dislikes!

Carlynn said...

I loved your lists. I also HATE being mocked and my mother is so afraid of snakes she can't even watch them on TV. I love to cook too, I even read cookbooks in bed when I'm feeling down.

I read your post on being tired and on how much your daughter means to you and it was beautiful. I loved the way you said that being with her makes you feel drunk, it sounds like it is worth all this sweat and tears, I've always loved that beginning stage of being in love.

The Town Criers said...

Beyond the cured ham products, we have much in common :-) Though I would have replaced snakes with crickets. Damn, now I just peed a little.