Thursday, August 2, 2007

Testing (the fun kind, no blood or dildo cam involved)

A bunch of you are taking these tests -- the Myers Briggs personality test and the Country test. I figured what the heck, so I took both.



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ESFJs are social butterflies that value relationships, supporting and nurturing others. Never one to shy away from social events, they are often the host. They are great encouragers of teamwork. ESFJs are responsible, dutiful, observe traditions and follow rules. ESFJs have a deep concern for others and often end up as caretakers. They are sensitive to criticism and have a need to be appreciated for the good they do for others. ESFJs are understanding, generous, have a quick wit and a knack for composition and beautification.

What's crazy is that I've taken this test 3 previous times and been an ESTJ every time. I'm surprised I'm now an ESFJ. Go figure. I guess an old leopard can change her spots. Either way, the above description is 100% me.


The Country Test:

You're Sudan!

Every time you get a headache, you reach for some aspirin, only to realize that someone destroyed it. That's just how thing are going for you right's hard to eat, hard to sleep, hard not to have a headache. You try to relax, but people always jump on you about something that doesn't make sense. If you were a goat, you'd be a Nubian.

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Becks said...

Hi, just catching up on all your news. Good luck for your cycle, I don't think we are too far apart.

Grad3 said...

Isn't this stuff cool? I think that I will take the multiple intelligence test too...

Do you know that you, Rabbit (Winnie the Pooh), and Donald Duck share the same the personality type? I think that I am going to end up with Darth Vader...

Rho said...

I was Sweden - yeah, a hot sexy tall blonde....that's me! I will have to retake the Myers-Briggs to see if it has changed since I took it at our pre-marriage encounter (well, not OURS, but the one with SAB)

Lea Bee said...
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Lea Bee said...

i am not sure about that country test. this is what it said to me:
You're Israel!
[so far so good, i like israel!]

Though a victim in the past, you've learned very little from this and have encouraged a cycle of violence in your life and the life of many you know. You're a little paranoid and somewhat schizophrenic, causing you to promote both hatred and hope in cycling intervals. Some of the paranoia is justified, as a lot of people don't like you, but more people are helping you than you'd ever really admit to. At this point, you live on some valuable property and would benefit greatly from just giving peace a chance.

um, that part just seems off. and i live in an apartment in hyattsville, so that whole 'valuable property' thing is a pipe dream. i wish i lived on any kind of personally owned property, valueable or otherwise.

Lea Bee said...

oh, that deleted comment was me, for a double post. but now it shows up as a double post so i'm going for the ever popular explanatory triple post :)

Inconceivable said...

its fun to see everyone's results

Gabby said...

I took the personality testing...very interesting.