Monday, March 10, 2008

Blubbering Mess

I wanted to write a profound, moving post about how terribly I feel for Natalie and Den. But it dissolved into a paranoid, delusional rant filled with non-stop, over-the-top DBTs. So I deleted it. But then I read Serenity's post. And that's it. That's exactly what I wanted to say. Instead of me just outright stealing her entire post, I'll provide a link so you can read it. Although she's farther along than me, she expressed each and every emotion I've been feeling since I read the news. Even the part about crying so much that my eyes burn.

I've also spent a considerable amount of time this weekend crying over my friend Rho's BFN. I knew I was waaaaay too invested in her cycle this time (as I am every time, I admit), but I truly, truly, truly thought this was The One for them. I am still stunned, wanting to believe it's just faulty tests. I'm crushed, and I've cried at least 10 times about it.

Can you say "blubbering mess?" Poor Kevin has spent the entire weekend with an incredibly hormonal wife and a cranky toddler with Vacation Hangover. It's okay, he's up for the challenge.

I had intended to write a post this weekend about Megan's visit to the Easter Bunny. Or the conversation I had with a fellow Stirrup Queen (a complete stranger) that hopefully saved her some lonliness by introducing her to the Magical World of IF Blogging and all the support provided therein.

But those can wait. For now, I am too deep in despair about Rho's BFN and Nat and Den's tragedy to be able to focus on anything happy.


Rho said...

Don't cry for me Argentina, do what I am doing....drowning my sorrows in mini-donuts and diet coke (whoo hoo caffeine.) I switched my beta to Friday (that is 17dpr after all) so that I can freely get hammered at a St. Patty's party this weekend. So, between the donuts and the booze I should be an obese raging alcoholic by next Wednesday.

All these losses for friends and fellow bloggers break my heart daily. Makes complaining about a BFN sound rather whiney.

LJ said...

I just can't wrap my head around all of these tragedies out there lately. It is all so scary and sad, and like Rho says, makes my issues so small and insignificant in comparison. How these sisters of ours keep waking up each day is amazing to me. Such strong people out there.