Saturday, March 29, 2008

One is Silver, and the Other Gold (updated)

Anyone else remember that song? I know it from Girl.Scouts. I'm pretty sure it goes...

Make new friends
But keep the old
One is silver
And the other gold

I still cannot believe the bond I feel that I've formed with so many of you bloggers. It's easy to understand the ones that I've met IRL, but there are so many of you that I will probably never, ever meet and yet I care so deeply for you. It's amazing.

Tomorrow I will write a post and upload a picture of the blanket that JJ made for Spidey. I'm still so touched, so moved, so completely overwhelmed by it that I'm having trouble finding the right words that will do it justice (both the gesture and the blanket itself). I wonder sometimes if JJ isn't even real... if I hadn't met her in person, I'd swear that she was an imaginary friend I've made up.

While I try to stop crying long enough to get that picture of JJ's blanket, I thought I'd give a quick update on my other bloggy friends. If you already know these lovely ladies, then their updates are not all that new. But if you don't know them, please pick a couple of them and drop by their blogs -- to offer congratulations, to provide support, or to provide that virtual shoulder to cry on.

After making this giant list, I realized I should split it into sections so that you could skip over the "Yippee, they just had a baby!" section if you are in a bad place, as well as the "Knocked up" section too. Feel free to read all the updates, just the ones for folks in the same station as you, or whatever combination you wish. Just please visit someone new and provide a little support or good cheer...

In the 2WW

Lara is awaiting her beta on Monday after deFET #4. She just got up the nerve to POAS and didn't get the result she was hoping for, so head over and offer some support while she waits.

Becks is in a 2WW after transferring 2 embies during IVF/ICSI #4 (I think it's #4, forgive me if I'm wrong, Becks).

Imogen just transferred 2 gorgeous embies (named Snugglepot and Cuddlepie) on Easter Sunday. Go wish her luck!

LJ is 3dp3dt and in the 2WW for IVF #3. I swear that I think I want her to get pregnant more than I wanted to get pregnant myself. (Okay, maybe I want Rho to get pregnant this badly too. And Sunny too. And JJ. And Becky. And Lara. And Bean. Shit, what am I doing? There are too many to list...)

Preparing for a cycle

Sunny. Where do I begin with Sunny? In the midst of her first IVF, she was blindsided with her Mother's cancer diagnosis. After deciding not to completely cancel her cycle as it was so close to retrieval, they pushed ahead. Now they have 6 embies frozen (I love that she calls them "babypops") and will begin the FET process once she returns home from being with her family.

My buddy and IRL friend Rho is finishing up her last week of BCPs in preparation for IVF #3. Go over and cheer her on!

Bean, who I adore, is about to begin IVF #5. At the moment, AF is torturing her so head over and tell her a few jokes to distract her.

I got to meet Jendeis at the last TOOTPU gathering and she is damn spunky. I like that in a blogger! Fresh off her HSG, she's gearing up for what will prove to be a tricky SA procedure. Wish her luck, and offer some general good vibes as she's got a whole heckuvalot of stuff going on right now.

Becky is gearing up for her first IVF with retrieval and transfer planned for near the end of April. Go over and share your IVF advice with her!

Is there anyone on Earth nicer than JJ? She and Mook are talking about their next steps, so go lend some support while she sorts through her emotions. (And, yes, I can vouch for the fact that she is as sweet and supportive as her comments lead you to believe.)

Mands is considering when to do her FET. Perhaps this Summer? Head on over and say a few kind words.

Currently Gestating

Farah is almost 27 weeks along and doing great! Since she is one of the nicest, sweetest bloggers out there, we will all be excited when Mini Vann makes his debut.

Jackie is about 37 weeks along, so any day now...

Delenn is almost 36 weeks along, anticipating Willow's arrival.

Cibele is about 36 weeks along and on bedrest awaiting Lyla's arrival. -- UPDATE: Lyla is here!

Caro is about 37 weeks along and will meet Stumpy soon.

Gabby is about 30 weeks along and hasn't posted in a while so perhaps this will shame her into an update on Wyatt Ethan.

Erin, my cycle sister this time, is kicking ass and taking names seemingly sailing through to her 32nd week with the WonderTwins.

Meghan is 16 weeks along and lookin' fiiiiine.

Christina is almost 17 weeks along and recently wrote a post about projectile puking on her windshield while driving. I'm not sure I was supposed to laugh as hard as I did, but maybe it was the emoticon that made me do it.

Kami is 29 weeks along and never, ever ceases to amazing me with the raw emotion and power of her writing.

CE is almost 38 weeks along and finally, finally posted an update. I'm so happy to hear things are going well with her pregnancy.

In and Out of Luck is about 28 weeks along and, after a brief scare and visit to the pediatric cardiologist, is doing great.

Grad3 is about 35 weeks along and seems to be growing a SuperBaby. Here's hoping her baby girl decides to stop overachieving and causing everyone to make such a fuss.

Lea Bee is almost 11 weeks along and, despite some stress and worries about the discontinuation of her meds, is doing great.

Deanna is almost 12 weeks along and her posts about buying maternity clothes are right on the money for anyone who has ever been in disbelief about the fact that you even need maternity clothes in the first place.

Kristen is over 21 weeks along and we simply cannot wait to meet her son Sunshine (obviously that's his stage name).

After a tragic loss of her son Zach at 20 weeks, Ann is 13 weeks along with Zach's sibling and anxiously awaiting the anatomy scan on April 11th.

Waiting Amy is over 18 weeks along with twins. The anatomy scan is Monday, so go send some good vibes!

Portia, my over-the-hill-ovary partner, is almost 9 weeks along. Yay!

Schatzi is almost 10 weeks along with quintuplets. Yes, you read that right. Quints. Including a set of identical twins. It's mind boggling, as are all of the twists and turns that this pregnancy has taken thus far already. Head over to offer up good vibes!

Recently Delivered

Artblog just welcomed her son Dan to the world. Yay!

H2H welcomed her baby girl on February 16th.

Kate welcomed baby Luke on February 25th.

Shelby (and Nathan and Celia) welcomed Seth into their family on February 19th.

Larisa was thrilled to welcome Elodie on January 7th after a stress-filled pregnancy.

Serenity welcomed Owen Philip on March 17th.

Sticky Bun welcomed the Stickes on March 21st.

Carey and Steph welcomed Bennett and Kate yesterday!

Alexa probably needs no introduction as you probably have to live under a rock not to know about her blog (ditto for Mel). However, hop over to see Alexa and check on Simone who was born on February 8th. We still miss her brother Ames terribly.

My Reality is embarking on the adoption journey. Please go over and lend some support.

Chris has recently begun the adoption process. Head over and say some wonderful things!


I have no idea what's new with DMarie as she hasn't posted in nearly 2 months and has remained completely silent during all of the TOOTPU email traffic. I hope all is well and that she'll provide an update soon.

Rachel is awaiting another dIUI cycle and is using this opportunity to aim for a little DIY success. Go wish her luck!

After 2 devastating losses, Carlynn is investigating surrogacy. Please go over and lend a friendly ear.

Mel, who is the center of the IF blog universe, is suffering from comment withdrawal this week. Please go leave some comments and give her that warm and fuzzy feeling she so deserves!

If you've never checked out Pamela Jeanne's blog or Karen's blog, you should do so. But make yourself a cup of coffee because once you start reading, you'll be there a while. These women can write. Seriously write.

Karen's triplets are 6 months old now and doing well. That's not to say the last 6 months (or the 6 months prior to that) were without their fair share of stress and drama...

After their devastating loss of their 3 girls Syliva, Claire and Lucy on February 1st, ME announced she was going password protected and then hasn't posted in about 6 weeks. Certainly no one can blame her, but I still think about her constantly and pray she is healing.

Babystep just endured a BFN from IVF #2. It's so. damn. unfair.

Sharah and her husband recently decided not to pursue further treatments. She still writes some damn fine posts, is active in WAITT, and is clearly a good friend to one of my favoritest bloggers so by extension, I love her too.

Baby Blues is on a break and currently enjoying travel adventures that make me insanely jealous!

Tam is currently trying with homeopathy and acupuncture. For numerous reasons, this month's visit from AF was a particularly shitty one. So if you have the password to her blog, please head over and offer some words of encouragement.

Wow. My link finger is dang tired.


Becks said...

Thanks for the shout Leah.

It was so nice to read through all the success stories. Lets hope we all get there someday.

Caro said...

Wow great summary of what's goig on for everyone, thanks.

Jackie said...

Leah, you totally rock! Thanks for putting all this information in one place. And thanks for the shout out.

The Town Criers said...

You are too funny and this feels like kismet because I just posted the next Secret Ode day post. It all ties in. I think you are amazing, Ms. Leah.

Meghan said...

Love these updates of yours! Although may I suggest, given that looking fine comment, that you get your vision checked ;)

Can't wait to see you at the next TOOTPU!

Kelly said...

WOW! That is an impressive list! I'd love to join your list if you have room!! About to pop out a baby any day now after a long rough road!!

JJ said...

Wow, what a fantastic update--thanks for the linkage=)
Im getting to your email today--just SO glad it "warms" your heart! I cant tell you how much I enjoyed making that blanket.

LJ said...

You are just the sweetest - you really are. Still here in great spirits in 2wwland.

Fertilized said...

GO YOU!! That is a wonderful post. Lot's of positive energy

Lara said...

I just love you Leah!

Lara said...

Oh and I do remember that girlscout song!!! I remember it well!!! OH and then you'd sing it in rounds where one group starts and then when you get partially into the song another group starts...

Mands said...

What a wonderful gesture, and also very useful to get an update on everyone at a glance!

Tam said...

Thanks for the mention leah sweetie. Just thought i'd pop by and say hi to my long lost cycle sista!!

Hope you and spidey are doing well, I think of you always

Hugs xxx

deanna said...

Thanks for the link, and for all your encouragement! I know we're all reflecting that positive energy right back at you and Spidey!

Delenn said...

Thanks for the mention, Leah. I knew it was getting time for one of your great posts with everyone I care about all in one great place! Thanks!

Glad to hear everything is going well!

sharah said...

Wow, that's an impressive list! I salute you for keeping track of everyone like that :)

Thanks for checking in on me!

Sticky Bun said...

Thanks for the shout out. :-)

Glad that everything is looking great for you as well!

Grad3 said...

Cool, I made the list! :) So glad things are quiet for you...

Baby Step said...

Thanks for the shout out...I am here, I am hanging in there. Gearing up for cycle 3!

Sunny said...

I love and miss you like stink!

Larisa said...

Wow. Thanks for the mention. Very thorough post. Really, truly amazing.

Anonymous said...

XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX from me and Dan :) e

Kate said...

Thank you for your wonderful posts and all of the support!

Somewhat Ordinary said...

Leah-I wanted to thank you for the comment on my blog and would love to hear what you have to say about the breastfeeding!!

My e-mail address is somewhatordinary at gmail dot com

Gabby said...

Ok, you shamed me into a post! It wasn't much of a post, but enough to let eveyrone know I am still here. It sounds as though your doing well and I am so glad to hear it!