Friday, April 18, 2008

Daughtry, Cookies and PJs

Wow, it's amazing how much time you can waste surfing on the web. I'm a bit embarrassed, frankly. But it has afforded me the opportunity to realize that I simply must get an i.Pod. I would love the ability to walk around with a private stash of my own personal favorite songs on demand.

I took Kevin and Megan to the airport yesterday afternoon. They went to Chi.cago for Kevin's cousin's wedding (and a family reunion). I had planned all along to stay home -- "no thanks" to the idea of hauling myself cross country at 35w pregnant -- so it was okay. But you know what is hard for a hormones-on-overdrive woman to do? Drop her impossibly cute, unendingly lovable daughter off at the airport and watch her walk away, waving at the car. I sobbed the whole way home.

Then I cried when I got home because I hadn't picked up her toys before we left and there were books, Bar.bies and Polly.Pockets strewn all about the family room. How could I miss her so much when she wasn't even on the plane yet? Ugh.

I managed to sleep pretty well last night (mostly in the glider sitting up), and even squeaked in an hour of extra shut eye thanks to having the house all to myself. But then I started just prowling around, pacing the hardwoods. I did some work, I sent some emails. I had to distract myself. I woke up this morning wanting peanut butter toast. Alas, I had no bread. So what did I do? I made peanut butter cookies. A great idea until you eat 3 of them. Before 10am. Not such a good idea.

I realized I needed to move on from the cookies. So I went looking on the Web for what I consider to be the best American.Idol performance ever. Boom! There it was on You.Tube, easy as pie to find. Then I just spiraled down into a 3 hour long show of video clips. I even found one that I didn't know existed, and I love it!!

What's crazy is that I'm not a big rock fan. I like it. Hell, I grew up on Peter.Frampton, Bruce.Springsteen, KISS, Aero.smith, Rolling.Stones and stuff like that thanks to my older siblings. I have even attended more than my fair share of Iron.Maiden and Bon.Jovi concerts. (Which reminds me of another great performance, and only underscores how happy I am that they let the AI contestants play instruments now -- I can't believe it, but he might have been even better had he been allowed to play guitar!) But now I prefer country. I still listen to other genres, but mostly prefer country.

Anyway, something about Chris.Daughtry stuck with me. I think he just sounds so great. Which reminds me -- when I take my outing for today, I must find somewhere to go and buy his CD. :-)

I think I could spend about 3 months monkeying around on You.Tube and never run out of stuff to see. That is a clear indication of the sad, sad state of affairs in my house right now. Clearly, I need my family to come back from being out of town. And I need to get those damn peanut butter cookies out of my house. I hear the recycling truck coming down the street, I would run outside and give them the cookies except that I'm still in my freakin' pajamas. At 1pm. Wow.


JJ said...

You know that he lives 15 minutes from me, right? I wave at his house many times a week...wanna come down to NC now more than ever dontcha! ;)

B said...

I LOVE country too...and that's unusual for a girl from England. I keep trying to persuade hubby that we need to go to the Country Musis Festival in Nashville. The good thing about being in England is when the big stars come here, its so easy to get right up close...I even got backstage with Trisha Yearwood once, now that was cool.

I keep thinking of buying Chris Daughtry, I just love the song 'Home'.

Enjoy the rest of your 'you' time.

Rho said...

Damn - I should have come over with my PIO shot and we could have rocked out (sitting down lip syncing) to Daughtry and eaten peanut butter cookies. Am I too late?

Portia P said...


I wish I could pop over to make (and eat) cookies with you and watch rubbish tv!

Hope you can enjoy the rest of your time alone.

I hate to admit it, but i'm in my PJ's and it's 3pm UK time!! Mr G is out working and I slept off and on until 2pm because I felt so rubbish this morning!