Tuesday, June 5, 2007

The Dirty (Half) Dozen

Retrieval went well yesterday, no major complaints (except I'm a bit tired of people shoving things up my Love Canal). Here are the stats so far:

Had 6 follicies on trigger day
Retrieved 6 eggs yesterday
6 eggs were mature
4 eggs fertilized
4 embryos made it through the night

Wahoo! This is better than last time when we got 4 eggs and had 3 embryos to transfer. So, for now, we are happy. Cross your fingers, pray, do a funky chicken dance, whatever you can think of that will help these 4 keep chugging along until transfer on Thursday.

There was a woman in the bed next to me yesterday who was a little kooky coming out of the anesthesia. She kept saying (well, more like slurring), "I need to know. I need to know." She wanted so badly to know how many eggs they got. The nurse was incredibly patient and explained -- about 20 times -- that they wouldn't know for another 10 minutes or so. That pacified the woman for about 6 seconds and then she'd say again, "I need to know." It was amusing and provided me and Kevin with a little levity while we waiting for my turn in the OR. Finally, they told her that they got 12 eggs. She was thrilled, especially since last time they apparently got 6. That's a 100% increase!

I did feel bad for her when her husband showed up, he was a bit of a doofus. (I know that isn't a very nice thing for me to say, especially when I'm obviously a dirty eavesdropper.) He clearly had no idea what she had just been through, and wasn't all that familiar with the mechanics of the IVF. How do you get to (what is at least) your 2nd IVF without knowing what's going on? It made me appreciate all that much more when Kevin genuinely tries to understand what we are doing.

So that's it for now. We wait and pray that our 4 embryos make it through the night. Oh, and I can't forget about the awesome PIO shots that I have to look forward to. The one last night hurt like a mutha. Remind me to tell you someday about the time I suckered Kevin into taking 1cc of saline in the ass -- as a show of solidarity. It was damned funny!


Erin said...

Wow - 6! Congratulations! And great news about the fertilization, too. That's where my RE became concerned about my eggs. None had made it to 2PN overnight and while they all went on to divide, he said they weren't all that receptive to W's swimmers, therefore are probably junk.

I am the exact same way about eavesdropping. I. Love. It. I mean, what can you do, bring earplugs?? Might as well enjoy the show! I do feel bad for that woman for having such a tool for a husband, though. I'll just hope that he was nervous in the hospital-like setting and wasn't himself.

Thanks so much for your comment on my blog, I definitely will email you to learn more about your protocols. I really appreciate the offer.


LJ said...

Leah - hey - Lindsay here

I'm ljauss AT gmail DOT com

Then we can chat away :)

Kate said...

That's great!! Way to go, Follies! I don't know if I could ever get M to take a shot of saline in the ass, but it makes me laugh just thinking about it!

Reproductive Jeans said...

YAY 6!! So happy that things are going well my dear! Keep us posted--and so happy to read your updates=)

Laura, the (reluctant) baroness said...

Okay. . . I look like a fool, but I'm doing the chicken dance for you! Great numbers! Best of luck.

My hubby would pass out if a needle came near him. Seriously. No saline in the bum for him. Maybe when he's not looking.

Sticky Bun said...

Hooray for the 4 embryos! I'll keep everything crossed for THursday!

And, thanks for the response to my shriveling eggs post--I'll definitely shoot you an email to learn more!

(And, I also eavesdrop like that. It makes me really paranoid about my own conversations, because I just assume everyone does.) :-)

hopeful to hateful in 28 days said...

I'm so glad you started a blog! The retrieval sounds like it was really successful. I will be funky chicken dancing all around the house for you :)

Hez said...

That's great news, Leah! Congratulations on the 4 embryos!!! I hope transfer goes well!

Tam said...

Congratulations sweetie, four is good! How many are you planning on putting back? I'll be praying for you and me and our embies all at once...hoping this is it for us, our babies will be born so close together!! Good luck with the shots, thank god i'm rid of the needles!

Jackie said...

Sending you the best of wishes for your transfer!

Inconceivable said...

HAHAHAH - i would LOVE for my husband to take a shot in the ass - I would want to administer it though! Grats on the great follies and I will do my best chicken dance for them.